2optra develops and integrates cutting edge technology for the entertainment business

2optra‘s vision and scope is to provide superior solutions and fulfill entertainment business needs through the development and integration of cutting edge technology, in Greece and SE Europe.

In today’s demanding digital environments, we understand the importance of virtual and augmented reality systems, holographic and 3D displays, specialized interactive systems, robotic systems and other technologies, which we are working on.

We focus on combining the senses of sight, touch and hearing in our products, offering new experiences in presentation, human-machine interface and interaction, adding new dimensions in entertainment, education and business communications.

2optra’s core workforce comprises of dynamic and enthusiastic specialists, of high industrial and academic expertise in the field of new technologies, education and entertainment.

Our projects are based on individual needs, always delivering on time complete solutions for a unique experience.

Our Philosophy is to always be one step ahead. For this, we heavily invest in research, integrating and developing new technologies.


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