2optra introduces the AEL “palace” at Larissa Imperial Classical Hotel, May 2010

Thursday 13 May 2010 is now added to the list of days that are benchmarks in the glorious history of AEL 1964 (Athlitiki Enosi Larissas 1964), the Athletic Union of Larissa 1964.

In a brilliant evening, with great pride, FC AEL 1964 chairman, Costas Piladakis, officially presented the new stadium of the team and all the details of the 38 luxury suites which decorate it and are now available.

At the overcrowded hall “Olympus” of the Ā«Larissa Imperial Classical HotelĀ», there was no lack of surprises and emotion as well as expectations to create an AEL, which entering the coming autumn in the ‘palace’, will declare its leading role in the Greek football championship. ‘New stadium – NEW AGE – I’ll be there too’, was the slogan chosen, not randomly, to accompany the event throughout its duration.

Spectacular introduction

The curtain of the event, which was set up dramatically with the help of technology provided by 2optra, opened with a three-dimensional video, with references to history and the prospect of AEL. Wearing special 3D glasses, guests saw the AEL horse galloping before their eyes, paving the way for major players of all the great moments of the distant and recent past.


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